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Marianna, Mari, Mariuzzah, Nini.
I found out how tablets work and now I attempt to make art.
Dean Winchester

Ugh drawing this dudes nose is killing me

Guess who’s working on WIP of our favorite goofy cheese lovin bastard prince! Yes yes I know the rose thing has been done before. 
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I am literally so un happy with my style -.- Time to take some extra time and revamp myself. 


You wandered past the Outer Rim during your exile. I ask you…did you find any trace of Revan?

I served with her, as you did. And we had to part, as you did.

She said that there were places where she had to walk where I could not go—places where she could not bring those she loved.

I have waited for her to come back for almost four years. It doesn’t get any easier.

I would have done anything she asked. And when she told me to stay here, to try to keep the Republic strong, that was the hardest thing of all.

We saved the Republic. But it was like the war didn’t end for her. She would keep remembering things that she had done, and it kept driving her. And she kept using it as a wall between us.

And I think she finally remembered something terrible she had done during the Mandalorian Wars. And she went to put an end to it.

She left without warning. She didn’t say where, only that it was to a place where she could not take anyone that she loved.

And here you return. With her ship, without her.

If…if you return to that place, if you find some trace of Revan…

Simply tell her that Carth Onasi is waiting for her.


Star Wars, Knights of the Old Republic II (via fuckyeahcarthonasi)


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Commander Jace Shepard
Earthborn. War Hero. Renegade.
Romance: Ashley ME1, Slept with Jack in ME2, Steve Cortez in ME3 <3
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So I replayed Mass Effect with Jace (again ^.^) and I made some changes to his story and made him blonde, I also decided to redraw him. So right is the old Jay, and left is new Jay (:
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This is…Colton? I think thats what I’m gonna call him.`
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So Cal is from SoCal…Ha. 

So I’m not entirely happy with this, but hell why not post it. Let me know what you think? I’m thinking of giving him more tattoos and changing his hair…
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